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Fish products

We are representative of MURMANSCFISH.

MURMANSCFISH Group of Companies has been operating on the Russian market for 20 years and is a holding company producing and selling fresh frozen and chilled fish products caught in ecologically clean waters of the Atlantic Ocean, in the Barents and Norwegian Seas. And also aquaculture of salmon breeds.

The MurmanskFish Group of Companies conducts its work in the following areas:

1. Production of products at its own factories in Murmansk and Khimki, Moscow Region.

2. Wholesale of frozen and chilled fish: salmon, trout, cod, haddock, saida, halibut, perch, flounder, herring, mackerel.


The main office of Murmanskfish Group is located in Murmansk, Moscow branch is located in Khimki.

Export deliveries are made to Europe, China.

Mainly exported, the following products:

Fresh-frozen, gutted, headless cod, size range from 500 grams to 5 kg

Freshly gutted, gutted, headless pixha, size range from 500 grams to 2 kg

These products are caught in the Barents Sea, Russia's exclusive economic zone, of high quality, in accordance with GOST 32366-2013, delivered in paper-propylene bags, the average weight of one bag is 25 kg.

In terms of safety indicators, the products comply with current norms and regulations.

Our products are ecologically clean fish products.

Package of fish products, it is a Kraft bag with polypropylene lamination, with an electronic weight of 25-27 kg.

In a month, our company exports about 200 tons of fish products (cod, haddock).

Terms of delivery FOB Murmansk, sending 40 foot containers, sea transport vessels.


Pricing procedure: after unloading fish products in a refrigerated warehouse, we inform potential buyers about the range and quantity of fish products offered.

Potential buyers, offer their prices for fish products.

The goods are sold to the buyer who offered the highest price.


  1. Freshly frozen cod, without head, gutted, weight 1-2 kg piece,

              price 4.4 EURO per 1 kg on the terms of FOB Murmansk. Minimum lot - 40  

              foot sea container - 25 ton.

  1. Freshly frozen cod, without head, gutted, weight 2-3 kg piece,

              price 4.9 EURO per 1 kg on terms of FOB Murmansk. Minimum lot - 40

              foot sea container - 25 ton.