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Blaupunkt EHB608

Blaupunkt EHB608
Toode on laos Tarneaeg: 5-14 päeva

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EAN: 5901750503634
Tootja: Blaupunkt
 Eight-inch tubeless wheels provide a smooth and reliable ride, regardless of whether the user moves on a flat or more rough surface.
The EHB608 has two driving modes - primary and advanced. The first makes it easy to navigate for novice drivers and children, and the second is designed for more experienced users.
The Bluetooth function allows you to use the built-in speakers to play music from your smartphone and get even more pleasure from driving on this device.
EHB608 is equipped with LED backlight, thanks to which each user will be visible while driving.
Motor: 600 W (2 x 300 W)
8.5 "tubeless wheels
Bluetooth for wireless music playback
Special application for smartphones with Android and iOS
Auto Balance Function
Two driving modes - for children / adults
Built-in battery: 25.2 V 4.0 Ah
AC adapter: 29.4V 1A
Maximum load: 120 kg
Maximum safe speed: 12 km / h
Range: 10-12 km (depending on load and surface type)
Charging time: 3-5 hours
Driveway slope: 15-20 degrees
Bag for transportation
LED lightening
Dimensions: 680 x 250 x 250 mm
Net weight: 12.4 kg
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