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Pensofal Academy Chef Slicer knife 8 1103

Pensofal Academy Chef Slicer knife 8 1103
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EAN: 8020173011032
Tootja: Pensofal
 Your allies in the kitchen!
The secret of a successful dish lies in preparation, precision. This is the philosophy with which we designed our Academy  Knives. Made of brushed stainless steel, forged monoblock, perfectly balanced and with extraordinary sharpening. The non-slip grip allows use in total safety.
The Academy Chef series stands out for its manageability and exclusive design that can be combined with any context. Recommended by the Michelin-starred Chef Bruno Barbieri.
Multi-purpose monoblock knife in stainless steel, forged, satin. Thanks to the perfect balance it is ideal for meat, fish, vegetables and fruit in total safety. Packaged in an elegant gift box.
Blade     :  20 cm
Length  :  33.5 cm
Weight  :  0.11 kg
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