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Severin CP 3537

Severin CP 3537
Toode on laos Tarneaeg: 5-14 päeva

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EAN: 4008146028892
Tootja: Severin
 innovative technology for consistent, perfect juicing results in a fully automatic process, the fruit is squeezed at the touch of a button
Easy-clean feature for effortless cleaning in a dishwasher juicer dome, pulp strainer, juice collector tray and lid insert are all dishwasher-safe
multi-size juicer dome for small and large fruits no need to change the dome
the all-enclosing construction means no splashes
a drip-stop spout gives you the option of extracting juice directly into a glass
easy to clean due to detachable parts
all components in contact with food are BPA-free
capacity approx. 400 ml
non slip feet
weight approx. 1.8 kg
measurements 18.1 x 18.1 x 33.1 cm
grey-metallic, black
Power: approx. 50 W
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