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All products purchased from the e-shop are covered by a minimum 12-month warranty. In the interest of speed and efficiency of warranty service, we cooperate with the largest warranty service centres.



1.1 provides the manufacturer's warranty and warranty procedures for the equipment sold, but does not perform warranty repairs itself. In the absence of an authorised repair service, the warranty repair shall be carried out via through the importer or the manufacturer's factory.
1.2 Warranty repair is based on the sales document issued by and the device with an undamaged serial number. If the serial number of the device is damaged or illegible, the warranty repairer has the right to refuse the warranty repair free of charge.


2.1 All goods sold in the e-shop are covered by a minimum 12-month warranty for private consumers. In the case of a buyer who is a legal person, the warranty period shall be set by the manufacturer.
2.2 The warranty period is calculated from the date of delivery of the goods to the buyer.
2.3 The warranty period shall be suspended during the period in which the purchaser cannot use the goods due to a lack of conformity with the contractual terms and conditions for which the provider of the sales guarantee is responsible (warranty repair period).
2.4 The length of the guarantee period and the duration of the response or maintenance period are determined by the importer of the goods.
2.5. The customer must register separately purchased warranty extensions in accordance with the instructions supplied within 30 days. Failure to do so will invalidate the warranty extension.
2.6 Cancellation of the contract during the guarantee period is only possible at the manufacturer's discretion.


3.1. Warranty repairs are carried out at the manufacturer's service centre. In the absence of an authorised service centre, the warranty repair shall be carried out via through the supplier or the manufacturer's factory.
3.2 The customer must deliver the goods to be repaired under warranty to an authorised service centre. For further information, please contact
3.3 If the repair of the device during the warranty period proves to be impossible and the production of the device has been discontinued, the manufacturer or importer will replace the device with an equivalent or better device under warranty.
3.4 In addition to the rights arising from the warranty, the consumer also has other statutory rights (e.g. the right to lodge a claim pursuant to section 218(2) of the LOA).


4.1 Parts of a consumable nature (batteries, cartridges, print heads, floppy disks, CDs, mouse pads, brushes, etc.) and packaging and documentation;
4.2. user data lost as a result of equipment failure or warranty repair. It is the customer's responsibility to back up the data;
4.3. software, including software previously installed on the equipment and malfunctions caused by the software.
4.4 The warranty shall be void if the equipment is found to have been subjected to malfunctions and physical damage caused by accidental or intentional physical damage or by foreign objects, liquids, insects, excessive dust, etc., which have been introduced into the equipment;
4.5. The warranty shall be invalidated if the equipment is found to have been subjected to malfunctions or physical damage as a result of malfunctioning electrical systems (absence of earthing conductors, etc.), power failure or fluctuations in the mains voltage;
4.6. malfunctions and physical damage caused by the use of non-original parts or unsuitable accessories;
4.7. malfunctions caused by improper use of the equipment and failure to comply with the instructions for use (use of the product in environmental conditions other than normal).