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Tracer USB 3.0 HDD 2.5 SATA 46398

Tracer USB 3.0 HDD 2.5 SATA 46398
Toode on laos Tarneaeg: 5-14 päeva

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EAN: 5907512864159
Tootja: Tracer
 ●HDD external enclosure TRACER USB 3.0 HDD 2.5" SATA 724 AL BLUE is a compact device that will help you save and transfer data and keep your 2.5-inch HDD in good condition forever.
● Dimensions: 121 * 77 * 14 mm will allow for any storage and transport of the enclosure along with your files, because the enclouse can easily fit in a woman's purse, briefcase, laptop bag and of course in a suitcase.
●The device is made of aluminium to maximize the security of your drive. There is no possibility of scratching, damaging or resetting the memory. 
●The presented model boasts a metallic blue color that will definitely be noticed and remembered.
●The enclosure has an LED indicator that informs about the operation status of the device.
●The external interface offers USB3.0 data transfer speed 6 Gb / s. It's a speed that allows unlimited data flow without any wait. Forget about limits, have access to your files anytime you need! 
●The device supports SATA drives up to 2 TB.
●The device supports: Windows SE / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows7 / 8/10, MAC iOS.
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