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Jata MIB11

Jata MIB11
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EAN: 8436584381600
Manufacturer: Jata
 Respects the environment without releasing pollutants.
Protects against all types of insects with electric shock.
6 ultraviolet LED bulbs to attract mosquitoes.
An efficient and safe system for people.
Operating area 50 m2.
Maximum protection against water IPX4
Button to turn on ultraviolet light.
Button to turn on the lamp / flashlight.
3 lighting options. Max. 120 lm.
Rechargeable. A detachable USB cable is included.
Charging indicator.
Hook to hang the device.
Dimensions: diameter 7 cm. Height: 20 cm.
Low electricity consumption.
Voltage 110-230 V.
Power 6 W.
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