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Claims handling

1. When contacting the seller or a service company for repair of the product, the Consumer must ensure that:
  • the product is accompanied by a purchase document and a clearly worded fault description.
  • The product is complete and supplied with accessories to enable it to be inspected: batteries, chargers, etc.
  • the device (phone, computer) is not locked with user passwords or linked to user accounts.
  • SIM cards , memory cards , protective covers have been removed from the device ( or the custodian cannot be held responsible for their preservation).

2. The time limit for lodging a complaint is 24 months from the date of delivery of the product to the individual Consumer.

3. Within the time limit for lodging a complaint, the Consumer has the right to have the product repaired free of charge if the defect is the fault of the manufacturer or to have the product replaced if it cannot be repaired.

4. The basis for filing a claim and obtaining warranty service is the proof of purchase.

5. For warranty service, the Consumer may directly contact the manufacturer's authorised service company.

6. The right of complaint or warranty service does not include instruction in the use of the goods, initial assembly, adjustment, routine maintenance, regular cleaning or the repair of defects caused by incorrect use of the product or failure to comply with the instructions for use.

7. The right to make a claim does not extend to damage caused during transport after delivery of the product to the buyer.

8.  Warranty service representing the manufacturer will not remedy defects occurring during the period of the right to lodge a claim free of charge if caused by:

  • software faults installed in the equipment or occurring during use.
  • Normal or abnormal wear and tear, overloading of the product.
  • normal wear and tear, normal wear and tear, normal or abnormal use, improper use, inadequate maintenance, or if the product has been repaired in a service other than that provided by the manufacturer.
  • if the device has been stripped of factory inspection stickers, serial number or other security markings, and if the device has been found to have been tampered with or self-repairing.
  • external factors, weather conditions e.g. strong winds, lightning, improper voltage and voltage fluctuations, moisture, liquid, mechanical damage, etc.

9. shall rely on the expert examination (diagnostics) carried out by the manufacturer's authorised service company to determine the fault or liability. If, as a result of the diagnostics, it is determined that the defects in the goods are caused by the above-mentioned factors, but it is possible to repair the device, the Consumer has the option to order a repair of the product for a fee. An appliance with liquid/moisture damage and/or mechanical damage shall only be repaired on a chargeable basis.


10. The Customer shall pay a diagnostic fee for diagnostics performed on the device, according to the price list established by the maintenance company, if the manufacturer or is not responsible for the elimination of the defect on the device and the device cannot be repaired. Similarly, the Consumer shall be charged an expert examination fee if the diagnostic test does not reveal a defect in the device and the device complies with the manufacturer's technical requirements.


11. The duration of the repair of a product taken to or a maintenance company depends on logistics, the maintenance company's work organisation, the work queue and the availability of spare parts for the product. The duration of the service sent outside Estonia may be up to 3-4 weeks.