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ESTO instalments

Purchase your product and pay over time with ESTO instalments – the most low-cost and user-friendly installment loan in Estonia! ESTO instalments offers easy financing – without a catch. There are no gimmicks like deferred interest or hidden fees, so the total you see at checkout is always what you’ll actually pay.

Using ESTO instalments at checkout is extremely simple, convenient and fast. Just select suitable period and insert your contact details for a real-time decision – complete your purchase within 60 seconds!

Add products to cart and for payment method select ESTO instalments in check out. Pick a loan period that fits your budget and complete the purchase with digital signing (Mobile-ID, Smart-ID or ID-card signature). Simple as that!

When making a purchase using ESTO instalments you receive the product right away (store ships your order immediately). ESTO instalments can be used for making larger purchases as well as smaller ones.

People, who qualify for ESTO instalments, must remain in the age range of 18-70 years and have an Estonian citizenship.

ESTO instalments conditions:

  • Interest rate from 0% to 14,90%
  • Contract fee from 0 EUR
  • Period up to 4 years

Installment loan is provided by ESTO AS. Review the terms and conditions at and consult with our expert. The installment loan is a financial obligation. Please assess your financial position and think about whether you really need the loan before you submit the application, so you can be sure that you are able to repay the loan in a timely manner. The monthly payment is 146.37€ and annual rate of charge is 34.74% on the following sample terms and conditions: loan amount 1500€, annual interest rate of 14.90% on the outstanding balance (fixed), contract fee 14.90€ and repayment period of 12 months.



LHV hire-purchase makes it possible to pay for goods / services in instalments. Complete an application here or at our shop, and we will provide you with a quotation straight away.

  • We will respond to your application within minutes.
  • Down payment starting from 0 euros.
  • Calculated based on the loan balance only.

You yourself can select a monthly payment amount and a repayment period that suits you.

Purchase amount 12 months 24 months 36 months 48 months
300 € 27 € 15 € 11 € 8 €
500 € 45 € 24 € 18 € 14 €
1 000 € 91 € 49 € 35 € 28 €
3 000 € 272 € 147 € 105 € 85 €

This is a rounded sample monthly payment, if the interest rate is 15.9%. The eventual monthly payment is specified in the contract.


Conditions of hire-purchase

  • A decision granting hire-purchase is valid for 90 days. During this period, you can apply the limit provided to purchase goods or services.
  • Minimum applicant income EUR 250 per month.
  • Contract fee starting from EUR 9.90.
  • Term of contract up to 48 months.

Additional information

6802 700, 09.00 to 21.00 daily

The hire-purchase service is offered by AS LHV Finance. Review the terms and conditions at the vendor or the address and consult our expert. The monthly hire-purchase payment is 37,91 € and the annual percentage rate of charge is 25,59% on the following sample terms and conditions: cost of the product/service 700 €, down-payment 0%, credit amount 700 €, annual interest rate of 19,9% on the outstanding balance (fixed), contract fee 19,9 €, hire-purchase period of 23 months, with monthly annuity payments, in the total sum of 871,93 € and the total sum of monthly payments being 871,93 €.



(alates Aprillist 2019 uus nimi Holm Bank AS)

Liisi järelmaks on mugav viis vajaliku kauba soetamiseks. Saate ise valida endale sobiva maksegraafiku. Pärast lepingu allkirjastamist väljastab Teile soovitud kauba.

Teenuse pakkujaks on Holm Bank AS. Iga laen on finantskohustus. Kaalu oma otsust hoolikalt - tutvu laenulepingu tingimustega ning vajadusel pea nõu asjatundjatega.


LIISI plussid:

  • Limit up to €10,000
  • A quick response to your application
  • Down payment from €0
  • Instalments from €7
  • Management fee €0

Should you experience any unforeseen payment difficulties, inform us immediately and we will find a suitable solution together


Kuidas taotleda Liisi järelmaksu?

  • Järelmaksu taotlust on võimalik esitada internetipoes ostukorvis
  • Positiivse otsuse korral edastatakse leping
  • Lepingu allkirjastamise järel väljastatakse kaup vastavalt tellimuses märgitud kliendi soovile
  • Järelmaksu kuumakseid tuleb tasuda lepingus näidatud Holm Bank AS arveldusarvetele
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